"I was looking at a 4.375% loan with Wells Fargo, my local bank, Before stumbling upon BankerBroker.com via a google search. They hooked me up with a longstanding savings and loan on a 3.75%. I recommend BankerBroker.com to anyone looking at refinancing or buying a home. Give them a solid shot, they give u a good rate"

Klein Hasseldorf

Newport Coast, CA

"Massey Kouhssari, Senior Loan Officer, has handled two refinance transactions for us over the past two years!  We refinanced last year to retrieve equity from our home in order to purchase a building for my husband's architecture firm.  We shopped several different companies but Mr. Kouhssari's rates and fees were always substantially lower than the competition.  The transaction went incredibly smoothly.  Mr. Kouhssari was always available to speak with us and answered any questions we had.  The rates dropped dramatically since last year and we wanted to take advantage so we called Mr. Kouhssari of course!  He got us the lowest rate and fees available just as he had before.  The only problem I see now is that our rate is so low we probably won't need BankerBroker.com's services again!  Massey has a sincere concern for his clients.  This concern, coupled with his knowledge makes him one of the best in the business!"

Jeniece C.

Long Beach, CA 


“After searching 5 other refinance brokers, I just wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciated your prompt, informed, and capable help in refinancing our home.  The experience was not only pleasant, professional, and easy but it did not interfere in our daily activities in any way which was a welcome treat to us since we are in the midst of remodeling as well.  Since both Brett and I work; the closing and consistent communication from you made the transition and signing quick easy and painless.  I appreciate that you found us not only an excellent refinance percentage but also managed to lower it before closing, we found that astounding.  Your fees were lower and fairer than any we found which speaks volumes to your efforts and dedication.”

“Thank you again and I look forward to any future transactions and have recommended you highly to friends and family.”

Mona D.

Bellevue, WA 


“I knew we could save some money refinancing, but I was worried about the hassle.  Massey not only found us the best rate around, he made the process easy.  He stayed on top of the appraiser and the underwriter, handled all the details, and delivered our loan on time and at exactly the cost he promised – 100% professional service. “

Prof. Russell K.

Los Angeles, CA 


“After shopping around for the best re-finance loan possible I quickly discovered that the competitiveness in this market really boils down to which person giving the quote is the most trustworthy, accurate, and communicative. Massey Kouhssari exhibited each of these qualities and surprised me by honoring his word by staying on top of the market rate by informing me during the processing of my loan that the interest rates had dropped thus affecting my monthly rate by lowering it to an even more manageable payment. BankerBroker.com's outstanding customer service and deep desire to truly help his customers realize the best possible outcome is evident in his work. I will continue to recommend him to anyone seeking help with their home financing.” 



Chaplain Dona W.

Thousand Oaks, CA 


“I wanted to write and thank you for your assistance with my recent home refinance. Your expertise of the market allowed me to obtain a loan with lowest interest rate and closing cost available in market. Your attention to detail was "spot-on" and the entire process was completely painless. I was amazed you were able to react so quickly and lock in the interest rate before it climbed back up the next day and met the closing date required by lender. BankerBroker.com, I like to express my appreciation for all of your hard work and diligence from start to completion of the refinancing process during recent and past refinancing work I have done with you.”

“I recommend you to all people that are buying or refinancing their current mortgage.”

Fred N.

Pleasant Hill, CA 


“We are former clients of Massey Kouhssari and would recommend his services. We shopped around for the best rates and found BankerBroker.com's rates to be the best. We were pleased with the experience of using BankerBroker.com's services.”

Corwin and Ruth S.

Bellflower, CA


“Massey Kouhssari, Sr. Loan Officer gave us excellent service.  His rates and costs were the lowest of the several lenders we received quotes from and matched his original estimate.  His Email communication was efficient and timely, and we closed our loan before the rate lock expired.  I would recommend him to my family and friends.”

Jon B. – Certified Public Accountant

Laguna Beach, CA


“When I recently decided to take some equity out of my home because of upcoming college costs for my two daughters, I started shopping around for the lowest interest rates I could find to refinance my mortgage.  After doing some extensive research on the internet, I contacted several companies.  Not one of the other companies displayed the level of interest that Massey Kouhssari did, contacting me promptly and without any pressure tactics.  After a preliminary exchange of e-mails, we spoke at length on the telephone.  I was very impressed by his knowledge, experience, and honesty, and soon thereafter made the decision to have him handle the refinance.  From that point on, he lived up to everything he promised, including the interest rate, total costs, and closing date.  In fact, when interest rates fell during the course of the refinance, he lowered my rate for free and immediately contacted me with the good news.  The appraisal was done on schedule, and on the closing date he arranged for a public notary to come to my home to complete the paperwork.  It was one of the easiest refinances I have ever done, and I attribute it all to Massey Kouhssari's perseverance and attention to detail.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking to refinance their mortgage.”

Jon G.

Westlake Village, CA


“Thanks a million for all your help in securing my refinance.  As you know, it was a difficult property to appraise, and I appreciate all your hard work in getting the loan through while rates were at a low.  I would highly recommend your services, as the process was transparent with no hidden fees or charges, and I never even had to leave my house.”

Dr. James B. M.D.

Redlands, CA


“My wife and I talked with four other mortgage lenders before deciding on BankerBroker.com. We found him head and shoulders above the competition.  His service was knowledgeable and totally professional.”

Jack & Gayle G.

Scottsdale, AZ


“I don't typically write testaments, since as a CPA and finance executive I'm comfortable in sizing up people and organizations before I select them, particularly in the area of financing and expect to be treated fairly and honestly as a normal course from that point on, and there was no exception here with BankerBroker.com.”

“What did impress me above and beyond were BankerBroker.com's knowledge of the markets and direct clear communication with both me and my wife throughout the closing process, including coordinating required documentation remotely and his very competitive fee quotes, which were all identified accurately to us upfront.”

“As I told Massey at the onset, I felt this to be a “buyers” market as our refi was not paramount for us, but merely an opportunity to lock in a better rate and further that I was getting ongoing quotes from two other highly reputable/ competitive companies but would be happy to have Massey participate in this quasi bidding process as well. In the end we selected BankerBroker.com's offering due to lowest rate, but in hindsight we would have to say that his integrity and competency was “icing on the cake”.  We will definitely seek out Massey again if the opportunity avails itself in the future.” 

Jim and Penne R.

Seattle, WA


“How would you like to have an affordable mortgage to pay each month? Massey Kouhssari made this miracle happen for us! He has totally turned our lives around! Thank you to Massey Kouhssari who took our claim and smoothly handled everything. I answered his questions and gave him all the information needed to make our loan flow easily.”

“Prior to finding BankerBroker.com, I had been turned down by other companies. Massey was confident that they could help me. He explained their competitive rates, low fees, and all closing costs at the start of the process and they remained the same at closing.”

“Seriously, there is no need to worry throughout the process. Leave your debt worries to BankerBroker.com. Be patient, in a quick period of time, you also will have a mortgage you can afford!”

Out of debt,

Patti A. 

Moorpark, CA  


“Hello there, my name is Brad, I live in Toledo, WA . I was on the internet viewing refinance rates and typed in low rates and Massey Kouhssari called me in about 1 min about submitting a rate, I was really surprised that a lender called that fast, soon we began to talk and he was very up front about everything we were to talk about, so I told Massey this is what I am after and let him do his thing and at the time rates were 5.5 to 6.00 fixed for a 30 yr. fixed with a little waiting Massey said they have been coming down a little so to make a long story short we locked in at 4.75 fixed for 30 yrs. and all the thanks to Massey for checking and calling me daily for rates all I can say is that my wife and I are very happy of the work Massey did, thanks.”

Bradly and Temple Z.

Toledo, WA 


"Hi BankerBroker.com, I started this whole process by calling the current mortgage holder, Countrywide. I also went on line to get information and had two contacts plus yours.  I believed at the time that the best course of action would be to deal with my current mortgage company because as a current customer in good standing (perfect payment history and credit score of 740 plus) I would receive preferential treatment. I was wrong."

"From the start I had nothing but trouble with Countrywide. I could not get a loan or rate quote in writing. I could not get the representative to return my calls. I was sent the wrong information twice and their loan package, once I received it, was very different and expensive. I could go on and on but I will just sum up the contact with my own mortgage company as horrible. I was extremely disappointed."

"My contacts with you on the other hand can be described as the opposite of countrywide. I quickly received a loan package that was exactly as described on the phone. The loan was very attractive. The rates were extremely competitive and the package didn't include a lot of added fees as compared to the other offers. Closing costs were very competitive."

"It was a pleasure doing business with you.  You were knowledgeable, professional, friendly and you returned all calls quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for financing. Feel free to share my comments with anyone."

Lawrence A.

Fresno, CA


"Massey Kouhssari helped us refinance our home recently and provided us with very efficient service, without any surprises. After getting a number of quotes to check that his rates were competitive, we opted to go with Massey because he was clear and upfront about all rates and charges. He gave me a fixed inclusive quote on the phone, including loan rate and all closing costs and sent me a confirmation email. The fixed quote matched the final actual costs at closing. Massey always returned our calls and answered our questions along the way. I can recommend Massey for being clear and supportive through the whole loan process."

Timothy H.

Palo Alto, CA


"BankerBroker.com, I had gone on the computer and inquired about a loan, and you, as well as many loan agents (4-6) contacted me.  I had an existing 30 yr. fixed 1st mortgage with Countrywide at 5.50%.  I wanted to get a reduced refi rate of at least 1 percent lower (4.5%), with no buy down points.  By the time I first spoke with you, I had tried Countrywide, Ditech, and 5 other lenders."

"I told you much of the above and you said you would shop lenders for the 4.5% and if the rates went any lower you would let me know.  As we processed the 4.5% paperwork, I did not really believe you would expend the time to get me a lower rate, but you did!  I put you thru some checks and balances and compared your numbers with a couple of other offers and you won."

Robert M.

Riverside, CA


"We happened across Massey Kouhssari quite by accident, as we were already working with our own mortgage company in refinancing our home.  We did not realize that our inquiry with our own bank would make our information public to other lenders.  We were inundated with phone calls and were trying to decide which lender to use.  Massey phoned us at our home number and it quickly became apparent that he was the lender we would go with.  He was very easy to talk to and to deal with.  He worked tirelessly, even on weekends; to be sure we were getting the best interest rate that was out there.  The costs involved with the loan were not only exactly what he said they would be, but they were far better than any other offer we received.  We felt more "taken care of" in this process than we ever had been before with our other homes.   We have recommended Massey to our friends and will continue to do so.  If we decide to refinance again, there is no question about who we will call."

Heather H.

Hollister, CA


"Thank you so much for your knowledgeable and responsive service. We are so pleased with our lower interest rate, new provider and your, excellent service. Our son and daughter-in-law recommend you after receiving wonderful service from you during two refinance transactions."

"Your quick response saved us hundreds of dollars monthly and thousands annually. We really appreciate you taking the initiative to relock at a lower rate, when actually we didn't qualify time wise, but you were successful. This saved us again."

"We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends as our son did. Thank you so very much!!!!!!"

Randy & Sharon N.

Alpine, CA


"I recently completed a refinance with Massey Kouhssari and am completely satisfied with his service and fees, which were less than or competitive with the other quotes I received.    After locking in my rate the rates dropped further.   Massey had already explained that if I locked in the rate and they dropped by more than a quarter point I might be eligible for the lower rate.  Although it was less than a quarter point difference I still received the lower rate.  He also lowered my closing costs $800 below the original estimate."

"I'm totally impressed with BankerBroker.com's integrity and professionalism.  He saved me time and money.  I closed within 45 days at a time when banks were quoting 60 days.  Without hesitation I would recommend Massey to my friends or others."

David F.

San Diego, CA


"Massey Kouhssari serviced the loan on my house recently purchased in Carlsbad, CA.  The purchase experience was very good. The customer service was extremely professional and accurate. His quotes were 100% accurate; there were no surprises on the final documents. The final documents matched the good faith estimate, making my projected budget for other fun activities after the purchase very doable.""I highly recommend his services."

Gloria B.

Carlsbad, CA


"It was such a pleasure working with Massey Kouhssari; he was always available to take my questions and would find the answers quickly for me if he did not already know them.  I refinanced my condo in January and was delighted to get a 4.50 percent loan, after shopping around for competitive rates and fees decided to go with Massey because no one else came close to what he was able to offer me; this included the company I had my current mortgage with.  I am very happy and feel anyone working with Massey would get excellent customer service with a personal touch."

Phyllis H.

Culver City, CA