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Post date: Jan 19, 2012 9:44:27 PM


Conventional, 5 Year Fixed, 5.50%, 25/25, 75% LTV.

SBA, 5 Year Fixed, 4%, 20/20, 90% LTV.

Rebate Pricing to  Brokers.

Apartments 5+ Units

5 Year Fixed,   75% LTV, 4.37%.

7 Year Fixed,   75% LTV, 4.65%.

10 Year Fixed, 75% LTV, 4.88%.

Conventional, FANMA, FHA.


New Construction and Rehab.

Purchase and Refi.

Bridge Loans/ Private Money

Purchase, refinance, cash-out, rehab, constuction.  

Purchase distressed notes, REO purchase.      

Commercial, apartments, special purpose.

Construction Completion.

Easy qualifying, fast close. 

Rates starting at 9%.

Zero Point Programs Available.

No upfront fees.

Up to 65% LTV.

$300K to $5M.


1003 or Personal Financial Statement.

Tri-Merged Credit Report.

3 Years  Tax Returns, Personal and Corp.

3 years Operating Income and Expenses.

Current Rent Roll or Lease Summary.

Color Photos, Front,  Rear and Street.