Selling your Home?? Back on the market!!!

Post date: Nov 09, 2010 5:1:11 PM

Are you ready to get your home back on the market?

So you tried to sell your home and the listing expired, or maybe you withdrew it from the market. We understand that you are frustrated with real estate agents and tired of all the phone calls and letters telling you the same “lies” your first agent told you when you originally listed your home. We also understand that you have already wasted enough time, so we want to help you find out why your home didn’t sell and get you back on track as soon as possible.

Do you still want to sell?

Before you put your home back on the market, it is important to decide if you still want to sell. If you don’t know why you want to sell, you won’t be motivated to show your home to buyers or accept and negotiate offers. Review some of these common reasons people sell their homes and identify yours.

* Current home is too small

* Upgrade to a more expensive home or cash out

* Moving in together, marriage, or divorce

* New job offer or transfer

* Kids moved out or lifestyle change

* Neighborhood went south

* Retirement

* Medical problems or disabilities

* See family more or less often

* Rather buy a new home than fix problems with current home

Did you make it easy for buyers to see your home?

Did potential buyers have to make an appointment to see your home? Was there 24 hours notice required? Did you put a lockbox on the door? Homes that are easier to show will capture more potential buyers than homes with several constraints. Consider how easy or difficult it was for potential buyers and their agents to view your home. 

How did your home compare to others on the market?

We recommend looking at other homes for sale in your area. How did your home compare to these homes? Was your home the most expensive, least expensive, best condition, worst condition, etc? Buyers look for homes in the best condition at the lowest price and sellers must price their homes competitively. 

Did you and your agent do everything right?

If you made your home available to potential buyers, priced the home competitively, and marketed effectively, then you did everything right! The market regularly rejects up to 25% of current listings. Current market conditions in Gainesville suggest that it takes 4-5 months to sell a home. At the current sales rate, it would take 11-12 months to sell all of the homes that are currently listed. If you are happy with your real estate agent, we encourage you to re-list your home with him or her and continue to do the right things. Continue to evaluate the competition and adjust your price as necessary. 

Facts About Expired Listings

Facts About Expired Listings Nearly 15% to 25% of all listings do not sell. The market rejects them. In other words, the market did not accept the Marketing Effort, the Price, the Condition, the Location, or a combination of these areas-perhaps all four of them! The good thing is that you control two of these areas: Price and Condition. We control one: Marketing Efforts.Marketing Effort Staging and Pricing Strategies For Sale Signs, Rider Signs, Directional Signs Tube or Box with Flyers and Distribution of Flyers in Neighborhood Flyers in House/Comment Cards Multiple Listing Service Web Listings with Virtual Tour Open House Program Track Showings/Collect Feedback Weekly Seller Updates Property Caravans And more! Condition A hundred dollar bill is a great metaphor: they all look good, but people will always choose the nice, clean, crisp one over a dirty wrinkled one. How does your house look to others? This is the crucial important difference between Showing condition and Living condition. Price Being overpriced is usually the reason a home did not sell, but condition will help determine what the market is willing to pay. Remember that YOU control price and condition. The wrong price attracts the wrong buyers. It creates a bad reputation for the house in the market place and makes properly priced homes look even better. Would anyone intentionally put their home on the market to help sell the competition? Location Nobody can do a thing about their location except to accent the positives and minimize the negatives.