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Post date: Feb 18, 2014 9:57:23 PM


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A Sampling of Loans We Closed:

Residential 1-4


City: Northridge, CA 91362

Transaction Type: Purchase, Short Sale

Purpose: Fix & Flip

Property Type: SFR – Detached 

Lien Position: 1st 

Loan to Value: 62%

Loan Amount: $627,500.00

Note Rate: 12.000%

Loan Term: 1 Year

Status: FUNDED


City: Santa Paula, CA 93060

Transaction Type: Refinance, Cash-out

Purpose: Business Purpose: Fruit & Nut Ranch

Property Type: Land: 67 Acre Working Orchard

Lien Position: 1st 

CLTV: 20%

Loan Amount: $450,000.00

Note Rate: 9.25%

Loan Term: 2 Years

Status: FUNDED


City: Northridge, CA 91722

Transaction Type: Refinance - Cash-out

Purpose: Real Estate Investment Capital

Property Type: SFR - Commercially Zoned. Owner-user Office Building

Lien Position: 1st 

Loan to Value: 60%

Loan Amount: $300,000.00

Note Rate: 8.999%

Loan Term: 4 Years

Status: FUNDED


City: Glendale, CA 91201

Transaction Type: Refinance - R&T

Purpose: Retire Existing Ballooning Note

Property Type: Multi Family Residence: 

Five (5) Units

Lien Position: 1st 

Loan to Value: 36%

Loan Amount: $350,000.00

Note Rate: 10.5%

Loan Term: 2 Years

Status: FUNDED