Major Indices

NYSE, NASDAQ, S&P 500, AMEX, ....

Major US Interest Rates

Prime Rate, 6-month LIBOR, 5- and 10-year Treasuries.

US Short-Term Interest Rates

End-of-day and historical short-term US interest rates, including Federal Funds, Prime Rate, Discount Rate, Eurodollar, CDs, LIBOR and Commercial Paper.

US Treasuries

US Government Treasury Securities - end-of-day and historical rates for annualized, secondary market securities (discount basis) and rates adjusted to constant maturities.

Mortgage Rates and Indicators

Includes all Freddie Mac mortgage rates and all indicators.

Mortgage Rates - National Averages

Freddie Mac National Averages for 30 Year FRM, 15 Year FRM, 1 Year ARM mortgage rates, plus points

Mortgage Rates by Region

Freddie Mac National Averages by US Region