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Post date: Nov 02, 2010 7:48:6 PM



Here at BankerBroker.com we understand how important it is for a broker to have control of their loans and that is why we allow the BROKER TO ORDER the APPRAISAL!  That's right, no 3rd party or management company, you order your own appraisal through your choice of any local certified/licensed FHA Appraiser.  No more delays, no more poor appraisals, no more lack of communication with your appraiser!  

Gifts & Seller Concessions!

No limit on gifts that come from a family member.  And the family member can be any relative.  Again, no limit on the amount or the family member the gift comes from.

Seller Concessions Up to 6%.  Your seller can contribute up to 6% of the closing costs and that can include all or part of the USDA Fee.

Unlimited Gifts and 6% Seller Concessions=Great Deals for your borrowers and NO MONEY DOWN!  Our USDA residential program is truly the last No Down Payment Program Available! 

Fast Track Service!

We always offer 24-48 hour service but if you and/or your company supplies us with just five USDA Loans per month that we fund we will put you on the Fast Track Service and the Guarantees all your underwriting, stip clearing, and approvals will be done in 24 hours or less on every file every day!  Just call one our Sales Team Today for Details!