Bring on the toughest deals, if we cant fund them you might as well stop trying.

Post date: Jan 04, 2012 12:3:13 AM

Hard Money Experts!!

We have private investors with MONEY TO PUT OUT TODAY! 

Send us your best, low LTV, need to fund yesterday deals. 

We want to spend their money NOW!! 

Check our web site for sample Hard Money fundings.

We Close Commercial Deals!!

Are you tired of banks quoting your deals and even approving them but not funding them? Most lenders are looking to have LESS loans on their books. We've partnered with a national commercial broker group to help track the best lenders in each market and each niche who WANT TO FUND DEALS.

Combining our resources and experience gives you the best options to get your deals funded. Send us that solid deal that banks should fund but aren't closing. Check our web site for sample Commercial Fundings.

Send Us Real Deals and We'll Give Fast Answers You Can Count On

Hard Money Details 

Residential, Multi Family, and Commercial- 

Residential we only do California. Typical LTV is 50% with max of 65% LTV. 

Commercial Hard Money we can do Nationwide through our Commercial Branch corporate office. 

1st TDs start at 9% but 11-12% is typical for fast deals, 13-14% 2nd TD. 

We can draw docs and fund in as little as 4 days. 

Land- Typically 30% max of AS IS value. No big residential development tracts.

Those of you who have worked with me know that I am an experienced and hard working advocate for your files. I've worked wholesale subprime, Alt A, and A Paper. Our team has been doing private money lending for years and know how to get the job done. The credit crisis has made Private Money Lending crucial. We are also the source for your A borrowers who just don't fit into the box of conventional lending.

Call or email me today, let's fund some deals!

Massey Kouhssari

Mortgage Consulting and Trust Deed Investing 

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