A Full Eagle FHA Lender, is the source for quality home loan services offering a wide variety of mortgage products including VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, conventional, and nonconforming loans. A nationally licensed mortgage banker, offers a vast array of tools, support, and development programs to help you build and maintain customer, builder, realtor, and community relationships to ensure your success

What is a day in the life of a typical BankerBroker®?

The position of mortgage banker includes a variety of functions. At BankerBroker®, the banker is the primary contact for the consumer throughout the entire loan process.  All communication, negotiations, and customer information is handled by the banker. The banker is responsible for collecting all necessary loan information, finding an appropriate mortgage product to fit the customer’s needs, ordering all documentation from third parties and submitting all items to underwriting for final approval. On any given day a banker will be responsible for contacting new prospective consumers, following up on scheduled appointments and processing loan information.

Since a banker works with multiple clients at one time, they find each day to be very different.  A banker’s day is often dependent upon the amount of clients they are working with, the current stage of each loan and various unexpected issues that might arise throughout the loan process.  A mortgage banker with operates in a fast paced environment and the position requires quick thinking, time management, organizational skills and a competitive spirit.

Is this a full time position?

Yes. are Full-Time, W-2 wage earners.

What are the typical work hours? requires a traditional 40 hour work week.

How many bankers are in the company/division?

There are approximately 75 bankers in the Southern California divisions combined.  Corporate headquarters

has approximately 25 additional management, support and operations staff.

What type of training is provided?

Two weeks of paid training is provided by our Corporate Trainer. The training is held in a classroom setting to focus on learning the basics of mortgage lending, how to perform tasks associated with the position and to familiarize each banker with BankerBroker’s process. Bankers are provided new leads and start working with consumers in training.  The Corporate Trainer teaches sales techniques and provides real-time feedback during this hands-on training. Training hours are identical to our regular hours of business seen on page 1 in an effort to make a smooth transition.

What type of assistance is available after training?

Each banker will be a part of a 4-8 person team and will be assigned an experienced banker to serve as their mentor once they begin on the sales floor.  Small team structures within the office foster a continuous learning environment.  Co-workers and your manager are located next to or close by in order to easily answer questions and help you achieve success as quickly as possible.

How do your bankers get their clients? works with the industry’s top lead providers.  These leads are consumers that have completed an online loan request often consisting of their social security number, date of birth, employment details, current mortgage information and their overall goal for a new mortgage.  

Bankers are encouraged to generate referral business from friends, family, realtor relationships, etc.  Additional compensation incentives for referral and repeat business are available.

How many leads does a banker receive?

Bankers receive 70-100 leads per month from LendingTree and various other internet lead source providers.  All leads are hot and delivered in real-time to our lead management system.  Leads are distributed equally on a round-robin basis with no preference of seniority, length of employment, team structure, etc.


What types of loans does provide?

We specialize in residential mortgage loans.  This includes all residential loans covering all types of borrowers with varying levels of credit, employment, and property types.  Our lending capabilities cover  FHA, VA, Conventional, Subprime, and Home Equity Lines/Loans of Credit.

What percentage of your business is refinance and purchase?

Approximately 70% refinance and 30% purchase business.  Through adjustments of the lead sources used, has the ability to modify the mix of business our bankers receive depending on the market, time of year, and success with a particular sector.

How many states does perform business in?

We are a licensed residential mortgage lending bank and have FHA lending capabilities in CALIFORNIA.  Expansion into other states is a constant work in progress.  

Below are the states currently licensed in:





How often do you meet with clients face to face?

Less than 1% of the time.  The majority of our clients communicate via telecommunication (telephone, email, fax) allowing us to have lending capabilities that do not require satellite offices in every location.

What is the dress code?

Monday - Professional Dress

Tuesday thru Thursday - Business Casual

Friday - Casual

Does the position include benefits? offers a comprehensive benefits package for its employees through partnerships with Humana (Health), Community Care (Health), Delta (Dental), Fort Life, and Principal Financial (401k).  Employees are eligible for all benefits effective the first of the month following 120 days of employment.

What type of sales floor environment will I be a part of?

California ONLY

BankerBroker`scompany culture is one of the most noticeable differences from other financial institutions.  The environment of the office is competitive and team oriented.  Bankers do not compete for the same consumer’s business but compete among each other for incentives, contests and bragging rights.


The sales floor is designed with managers and bankers mixed throughout the office.  This allows for bankers to feed off the experience of others around them as well as unite as a team to accomplish common goals.  A large amount of daily support comes from teammates, managers and other employees who may sit close by.

Is there opportunity for advancement or management position?

All bankers are eligible for a management position after 6 months of production. There are various levels of promotions including Senior Mortgage Banker, Assistant Manager, Production Manager, and General Manager. Since we are a growing company, has the ability to promote and create positions based on the need and growth of the company.  It is company policy to promote from within and all promotions are performance based.

What type of additional incentives do you offer top producers?

We offer cash bonuses for those bankers that consistently perform at a high level of production. Cash bonuses are rewarded to those that perform over standard expectations within a given month. The month’s top producer may also be given the opportunity to drive the company Hummer H2 during the following month. In addition to performance bonuses, the company frequently offers weekly & monthly incentives or contests for various achievements.

For more information please contact our Corporate Recruiter, 949-244-1880 or email . is an equal employment opportunity employer. Employment decisions are based on merit and business needs, and not on race, color, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, or any other factor protected by law. 

Branch Manager Applicant Check List

The following documentation must be filled out and faxed to 877-410-6663 to begin the qualification/approval process. 

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