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Post date: Dec 14, 2010 6:42:33 PM


Sick of 90 day or more turn arounds? Cant seem to get anything done?  BankerBroker.com is a small company with BIG company ability. 

We were incorporated in 1991 and have been serving the communities in California ever since. We offer a wide variety of 

products to provide our clients with peace of mind in these turbulent economic times. BankerBroker.com provides personal attention from 

the time the file comes through the door all the way to a successful complete transaction for the borrower. We provide in-house 

underwriting with 48 hour decisions and in some cases, same day. We can approve, and draw docs and fund all in one place!

We are currently seeking seasoned Brokers and Originators as well as Net Branch Candidates for our 2011 expansion.

Programs we offer: FHA - VA - CONV- USDA -  203K - USDA - CONFORMING - JUMBO

* Excellent Compensation, payroll every two weeks

* Full contact to Underwriting and Processing Support

* In House Warehouse Lines with internal sign off 

* Marketing Support (Customized Marketing Materials) 

* Cutting Edge Technology (We make doing loans easy)  

* Loaded Health Plans Available

* LO's have full flexibility with Fees!