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Although default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions dropped 10% compared with a year earlier, the number of filings rose 4% from June. 

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  A renter's guide to eco-friendly living

You don't have to own your home to help protect the environment 

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  Short sales soar in California, U.S.

Real estate deals in which lenders agree to take less for a property than the balance on the mortgage have tripled since 2008, a report says.

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  Real Estate: The Worrying Numbers Behind Underwater Homeowners

By the end of the first quarter of 2010, the number of mortgaged residential properties with negative equity had declined slightly to 11.2 million, down from 11.3 million at the end of 2009,...

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  Fannie Mae: Home Prices To Decline Into Next Year

Home prices will decline into next year, Fannie Mae said Thursday, reversing earlier projections that the housing market would stabilize this year. 

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  Foreclosures Continue To Increase Dramatically In 2010

In a very alarming sign for the U.S. economy, foreclosures have continued to dramatically increase in 2010. But there has been a shift. 

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  RealtyTrac's Sharga Interview on U.S. Housing Market 

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  Program to Help Prevent Foreclosures Falls Short

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration’s program to help homeowners avoid foreclosure has fallen far short of its goals, in part because the Treasury Department has failed to spell out what its objectives should be, according to an assessment offered to Congress on Wednesday. 

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  U.S. home foreclosures reach record high in second quarter

Bank repossessions increased 38% in the second quarter from the same period a year earlier for a record total of 269,952, according to data to be released Thursday by RealtyTrac. 

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 The 15 States With The Most Underwater Mortgages

Home prices are already swirling around stagnation or a double dip. But where the real danger lies is in underwater homes, where disenchanted mortgage holders could pull the plug and flood the market with repossessed homes. 

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 The Scariest Financial Chart In The United States, Bar None

Arguably the key gauge of our economy, this chart shows high-distress among the owners of real estate with the "X" factor of decisive importance (X-delinquent units+for-sale units).

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 Housing Market Slows as Buyers Get Picky

Before the recession, people simply looked for a house to buy. Later they got squeamish just thinking about buying. Now they are on a quest for perfection 

at the perfect price.

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 5 Tips of buying a foreclosed home 

Sure, there are great real estate deals to be had, if you know what you're doing.

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 10 Tips for Tenants 

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