Post date: May 12, 2014 2:9:10 PM

What is Priority Financial`s FHA Home Office Sponsor ID?

Please click on the link. : Sponsor ID 1883900009


What is Priority Financial`s preferred Appraisal Management Company?

Appraisal Selection Services Inc.


What is the maximum loan amount for my borrower?

HUD County Loan Limits


How can I find out if the property my borrower is purchasing is an approved condo association with HUD? 

HUD Approved Condo Associations


Where can I get more information on the 203K Rehabilitation Program or refinancing a property that needs upgrades, renovations or repairs?

HUD 203K Rehabilitation Program


What loan fees does Priority Financial require be disclosed on the GFE?

Loan Fees: $350 Underwriting Fee to FAMT $650 Administrative Fee to FAMT

Lender Paid Compensation must also be correctly disclosed on the GFE

Please Note: No other fees should be listed in the first section of the GFE

What is Priority Financial`s Mortgagee Clause?

Loss/Payee Clause Title and CPL

Priority Financial Network dba of 

BM Real Estate Services, Inc


5016 N. Parkway Calabasas, Suite 200, Calabasas, CA 91302

Hazard Insurance Binder:

BM Real Estate Services, Inc

5016 N. Parkway Calabasas, Suite 200, Calabasas, CA 91302

Please note: Binder must cover 100% replacement cost. Provide paid receipt.