Mortgage Applicants pay your Credit report Fee here

 Credit Report fee Portal For Loan Applications

Please Take Note: & Priority Financial Network provides credit services for the purpose of pre-qualifying our clients for a mortgage loan only. We do not engage in credit “repair” services, but have access to advanced tools that allow us to analyze your credit to identify actions that have the potential to improve your score. In no way do we engage in the deletion or altering of accurate information on a consumer’s credit report, and strongly advise consumers to avoid any person or organization that makes such claims. We only work with our credit report providers to enhance positive tradelines of our mortgage clients. All credit repair is done by the credit bureaus only & not our affiliates.

Good credit is important in America today because so many of the things that we want to buy must be financed or purchased on credit. Once you have had a bad credit rating it is almost impossible to avoid detection by a network of credit reporting agencies who keep track of every person using credit. Each time you apply for credit, the prospective lender will check your credit with at least one of these agencies. 

Before we can process your application we must collect the mandatory credit report fee. 

To complete your loan application we need the following: