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What Types of Home Loans Are Available? 

 Conventional Loans - Ideal for Borrowers with Excellent Credit and a Substantial Down Payment 

Conventional Home Purchase Loans are more credit score driven than other loan types and at least a 620 FICO score is generally required to obtain an approval through conventional loans. Conventional Loan guidelines are currently written in a way that a borrower with a 740+ credit score can usually obtain the best interest rate possible. As a borrowers credit score decreases below a 740, sizable fees and rate increases could be added, in excess of the 1-2 percent range. If your credit score is less than perfect, an FHA Loan, USDA Loan or VA Loan could be the best home loan for you. 

 FHA Loans - Could be the Best Home Loan for Borrowers who have Less Than Perfect Credit and a Small Down Payment 

FHA new home purchase loan requirements are not totally credit score driven, although a 620 FICO score is generally required to obtain an approval. FHA mortgage guidelines are written in a way that provides the borrower the benefit of the doubt that there had been, at some point in their past, circumstances beyond their control, and as long as the borrower has recovered from those circumstances in a reasonable manner, they're generally going to be credit-eligible for an FHA mortgage.

 USDA Loans - Could be the Best Home Loan for Those who have Less Than Perfect Credit and a No Down Payment 

USDA Mortgages have no down payment requirement. Other loan programs don't allow this. Another distinct advantage of a USDA loan to purchase a home, as compared to a conforming loan, is great interest rates and no mortgage insurance (MI). A 620 FICO score is generally required to obtain a USDA loan approval.

 VA Loans - Could be the Best Home Loan for Veterans of the US Armed Services 

VA Home Purchase Loans are offered in recognition of the contributions and sacrifices veterans have made for America. VA Loans require no down payment and no mortgage insurance. A 620 FICO score is generally required to obtain a VA loan approval.

Choosing the Right Loan Program isn't Always Easy

There isn't a one size fits all loan program. We will analyze your needs and recommend the best loan for your situation. 

The right mortgage depends on many different factors:

Loan Programs

Less Down



Flexible Options

Easier to



FHA Loan - As one of the most popular products, FHA loans are the most flexible loans available.

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Fixed Rate - Do you want to know EXACTLY how much your paying a month? This one's for you!


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Adjustable Rate Mortgage - Dramatically reduce your mortgage rate for 5 to 7 years.


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Jumbo - Buying a home worth more than $417,000? Take a look at these low rates!


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VA Loan - For the Men and Women that served us, we serve you by offering our best product. Buy a home with $0 down!

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HARP Loan - Owe more on your home than it's worth? No Problem! Welcome to the simple solution.


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USDA/ Rural Development - For homes located in pre-designated rural areas. This is a great program!

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203K Home Renovation - If you are looking to 'fix-up' the home your purchasing. Save some money by using this program!

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New Construction - We offer solutions that your builder may not have available.

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If using specific Down-payment assistance please contact us immediately so that we may get the approval process started.

Here are a list of some of our popular programs with the benefits they offer you: