Real Estate Investors

Currently bank certificates of deposit rates are at an all time low. Earning 1.45% on your money sadly won't even begin to keep up with inflation much less allow you to grow your money. Find out why 70% of our clients are ultra conservative investors who quite simply found a better and very safe way to invest. Our investors are earning 10% - 13% monthly and you can too. Fill out our web form for a free no obligation consultation today. California is considered to have the most desirable and sought after real estate in the nation. As such, we only offer California 1st deeds of trust. We specifically offer loans to clients that cannot get conventional funding for one reason or another. It could be as simple as the need for an expedited transaction to capitalize on an investment opportunity. Although a borrower’s credit and income may be sufficient according to traditional guidelines there might be other aspects of their transaction that do not meet conventional guidelines. Thus, private money lending provides an attractive and reasonable solution with more lending options and much faster funding. Simply said, borrowers who fail to qualify for a conventional bank loan require our private money lending services. In turn, investors who fund our loans are being shown very safe and high yielding returns. Please fill out our form and get a FREE consultation or give us a call at 877-410-6663