LO & Branches Wanted

Post date: Feb 14, 2011 6:45:21 AM


Are you ready for the new regulatory changes that will permanently affect your

business and YOUR income??

If you are a independent broker please take a look at

the attached link right away….Regarding loan officer

compensation from the NAMB!!!!

Are you a FNMA, FHLMC, AND GNMA SELLER SERVICER????? You need to be?

Be a banker ( No YSP disclosure!!

FHA purchase down to 580 credit through loan possible

Underwriter in your office at our expense

Loan revenues posted to your account on banked loans within 24 and branch accounting available 24-7 through online real-time software

No fee on banked loans

Eliminate warehouse fees

Tired of Post closing issues keeping you from YOUR money????

Freedom to hire your own loan officers and operations staff to grow your


Company assisted hiring program for loan officers

BankerBroker University training site for loan officers and processors training

Partners program for you to form partnerships with credit union and smaller

regional banks

Freedom to add your appraisers to our in-house BankerBroker

Freedom to process your own loans in your office or contract in your area

Freedom to choose your own title company

Contact BanerBroker.com 949-607-8808 to find out about career options as a BankerBroker