Business Purchase Financing - $100K to $5M Available

Post date: Sep 12, 2012 1:42:5 AM

Business Purchase Financing - $100K to $5M Available

Contact: Massey Kouhssari, BA. BB

Company: - Business Purchase Financing

Phone: 877-410-6663  

Area Served: All Of California

Do you need financing to buy a business? Get business purchase financing (now at historically low interest rates) for small to mid-sized business purchases (with or without real estate) .  With over 20 years direct experience assisting business buyers, small business owners, business brokers & agents with business acquisition loans, Massey Kouhssari, BA a BankerBroker SBA Loan Broker and Consultant has a long-standing relationships with hundreds of local, regional, and national lenders, banks, & financial institutions. He provides his clients with business purchase financial assistance & solutions - loan packaging, and placement services for loan/financing amounts between $100,000 to $5,000,000.

The term of these business acquisition SBA or commercial loans are typically 7 years to 25 years depending if there is real estate being sold with the business.  Loans/financing for business purchases (with or without real estate) can take 35 to 60 days to complete depending on several factors:

* How Long You Take To Get Paperwork/Forms (Not That Many - Really!) Completed & Returned

* If There Are Special Licenses That Need To Transfered, Etc.: Contractors, Alcohol, Professional

* Cooperation From Parties Involved In The Transaction: Seller(s), Buyer(s), Legal, Accounting, Intermediaries

* If Real Estate Is Involved With The Business Purchase It Will Need To Be Appraised By The Lender

Potential Borrowers Should Have Or Will Need To Provide:

* 20% to 25% For A Down Payment - (From: Cash, Investments, Retirement Funds, A Gift From Family)

* The Down Payment Can Not Be From A Loan Or From Borrowed Funds

* A Credit Score Typically Above 650 Is Necessary

* Partial Collaterial In Real Estate (Personal Or Investment) Is Helpful, But Not Always Necessary

* 3 Years Personal Tax Returns

* 3 Years Of Business Tax Returns (If The Buyer(s) Currently Own A Business)

* Work Experience Related To The Business They Are Purchasing

* There Should Be No Bankruptcies That Have Not Been Discharged

* All Deals Need To Go Through The Escrow Process (We Will Suggest Ones If You Don't Have One)

* Possible A "Mini" Business Plan (4-10 Pages) Describing The Business, Projections, Etc.

Other Items That Are Considered:

* Does The Borrower Have A Second Source Of Income? (Not Necessary, But Helpful)

* Does A Spouse Work - Contributes To Monthly Household Income? (Not Necessary, But Helpful)

* What Are The Total Annual Household Expenses?

Businesses Being Sold Should Have Or Will Need To Provide:

* 2+ Years Of Tax Returns & Financials

* Current Financinals (Not Older Than 60 Days)

* Possible An A/R (Accounts Receivable) Aging Report

* Provable Cash Flow (Adjusted Net Income) To Support The Debt Service Of The Loan

* A Lease That Adds Up To 10 Years - (5+5, 2+4+4 etc.) - This Can Be Completed In Escrow

* It Is Helpful (And Sometimes Necessary) If The Owner Is Willing To Carry A Note (10% To 30%)

* A List Of Assets Being Sold With The Business

* The Business Will Need To Be Appraised By The Lender - (If It's Overvalued It's Not Going To Get Financed)

* If Real Estate Is Involved, It Too Will Need To Be Appraised By The Lender

To Submit A Loan Package Or Get Pre-Qualified Either On The Buy Side Or Sell Side:

Phone Massey Kouhssari, BankerBroker direct regarding business purchase financing: 877-410-6663.