Post date: Feb 17, 2011 1:9:57 AM

Looking to finance or refinance an over leveraged multifamily property whose value has taken a nosedive? Freddie Mac wants to help. So does Remington Capital. 

At Freddie Mac, there's a financing arrangement that allows mezzanine debt on qualifying senior multifamily mortgages, with the mezzanine portion of financing backed by owner's equity instead of the property. The aim is to ease the painful deleveraging process. "The intent," according to Freddie Mac, "is to help reduce the number of properties that may otherwise become defaults." 

How can help? The fact is that mezzanine debt - including mezzanine loans, participating loans, and preferred equity - is one of the more complex forms of commercial financing for which Remington Capital has particular expertise. For example, mezzanine financing can also be used when supplemental financing is needed and by those looking to add debt rather than equity when senior debt is maxed out near 70% LTV. 

Over the years, commercial loan brokers and their clients have come to rely on for our expert counseling on the pros and cons of mezzanine debt and for access to our many active sources of mezzanine financing, including pension funds, insurance companies, other financial institutions, state agencies, and subordinated debt funds.

Mezzanine Loan Programs

Rates: 10 - 18%

So, if you have a client that needs a mezzanine loan or otherwise needs to finance, refinance or recapitalize a commercial property, give me a call and let's discuss the world of capital options available to you at