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BankerBroker Business Real Estate Financing can help you refinance or purchase a commercial building or leverage the equity for business needs. We offer business owners and commercial real estate investors low-cost financing with these great features:

Feel confident that you are getting the most competitive offer. We'll match or beat a competing offer (rate and fee combination) when a competitor's formal written approval is provided to us — or pay you $200.

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BankerBroker has partnered with Creditbay Capital for all commercial real estate financing. We specialize in commercial real estate financing in Southern California and the western United States. Loan amounts range from $300,000 to over $20 million.

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About Creditbay Capital

Creditbay Capital specializes in commercial real estate financing in Southern California and the western United States. The principal of Creditbay Capital has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry financing over $2 billion of various types of income producing real estate including:

Many of these required complex structured transactions including wraparound mortgages, notes receivable financing, equity participation loans, mezzanine financing, and mobile home park and condo conversions. Our expertise is originating complex structured commercial real estate transactions ranging in size up to $250 million.

Creditbay Capital is a unit of Experian Financial Management, Inc. and is a real estate broker corporation licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, license # XXXXXXX.

Income Property Loan Programs

There is a wide array of income property loan programs available in our industry. It takes knowledge and experience to find the best program for each borrower. At Creditbay Capital, we match loan programs to fit the stated objectives and goals of our borrowers.

Creditbay Capital specializes in securing apartment and commercial real estate loans ranging from $500,000 to $20 million or more for properties located in Southern and Central California and the western United States. From the simple purchase or refinance transactions to transactions involving construction, property rehabilitation, holdbacks or cash-out, we have the experience and industry contacts to get the job done. We are experienced at a broad range of loan structures:

Permanent Loans

For stabilized properties with cash flow to support long term financing typically at the best loan rates.


Construction loan which converts to a permanent loan at some pre-determined criteria (completion of construction, minimum lease up, etc.)

Structured Loans

Typically these loans are custom designed with increasing loan amounts (earn outs) based on the improvements in the property's cash flow due to renovation, increasing rents to market rates, re-positioning the property in terms of condition or quality, etc.

Creditbay Capital's approach to real estate financing is to match our client's business plan or goal for the property to the capital source which best achieves that goal.

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Financing Professional

Why should I use a real estate financing professional when buying or refinancing my real estate? This is a question we hear quite often from our new customers. Using an experience & qualified mortgage professional benefits the real estate investor in several ways:

(1) Better loan terms. A customer going direct would be required to interview and understand loan programs from a large number of local and regional lenders. There is no way to effectively accomplish this without being in the lending market every day. Unlike singe family lending, a multifamily or commercial real estate loan is not a commodity. Each lender has its own unique loan programs and pricing structures. At Creditbay Capital, we know which lenders are offering the best products to fit your financing requirements.

(2) Better service. We stay involved in the loan process from beginning to end. Once the best loan terms are obtained, we assist you in filling out the application forms, coordinating the loan processing, etc. Additionally, our relationships with the top management of many local lenders afford us access and priority not available to the direct customer.

(3) Wholesale pricing. Lenders typically have two pricing structures: retail and wholesale. Retail pricing is provided to borrowers who approach the lender directly. The loan fee is typically 1% and sometimes higher. The "wholesale" pricing is provided to the mortgage broker; generally at par (no loan fee) which allows us to charge the same (and sometimes lower) fee than if you went direct. In essence, you will be paying for the services of a real estate professional whether you use their services or not.

The fact of the matter is a well qualified and experienced real estate professional can save you both time and money in the financing process. We at Creditbay Capital have over 25 years of experience in the income property loan industry. Our established lender relationships number in the hundreds, allowing us to find the lender best suited to an individual borrower.

If you are still considering a direct loan with a lender ask them these questions:

Based on our experience, the answer to all these questions is a resounding no. Next time you need financing for your investment real estate cal Creditbay Capital. We'll tell you what we can do for you, give you various options with our best suited lenders or recommend other avenues depending on your situation. We will discuss a financing strategy for your specific property to best fit your investment goals.

Highlights of Commercial Loans & 5+Unit Loans

Property:  30 Unit Apartments

Location:   San Dimas, California

Loan Amount: $3,150,000

Type loan: Refinance

Property:  16,000 sf Industrial Condo

Location:   Carlsbad, California

Loan Amount: $2,400,000

Type loan: Owner/User Refinance

Property:  41 Unit Apartments

Location:   Downey, California

Loan Amount: $3,100,000

Type loan: Refinance

Property: 6 Unit Apartments

Location:   Riverside, Caliufornia

Loan Amount: $455,000

Type loan: Refinance

Property:  12,000 sf Industrial

Location:   Anaheim, California

Loan Amount: $1,200,000

Type loan: Owner/User Refinance

Property:  72 Unit Apartments

Location:   Bakersfield, California

Loan Amount: $3,800,000

Type loan: Refinance

Property:  Fairfield Inn Hotel

Location:   Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho

Loan Amount: $3,300,000

Type loan: Acquisition

Property:  9 Unit Apartments

Location:   Wilmington, California

Loan Amount: $600,000

Type loan: Refinance