Stated Loans

Post date: Dec 03, 2010 9:23:44 PM

At this time we only lend in California only... sorry no other states

**  Owner Occupied Business Loans / Cash must be used for Business Purpose Only!!

•       Loan Amounts  $100k To  $550M

•       65% LTV’s for Commercial  /  STATED!!!

•       Commercial & Residential

•       Non Owner – Owner Occupied

•       Bridge Loans

•       Probate Loans

** Investor Flips / 10% down / ARV / Based on Purchase Price!

Construction Lending on a case by case basis.  Run out of CASH???


With the uncertainties of the world financial markets,clients who have a significant portion of their wealth held in shares of publicly traded companies(“equities”) maybe seeking ways to protect or hedge their gains in those investments.Our Non-Recourse Stock Loans can be a great tool to help those clients to protect those gains byborrowing against their holdings.

Unlike Margin Loans or Institutional (“Bank”)Securities Backed Loans, our Stock Loan Program offers a number of benefits including:

1. No personal liability for unpaid balances if a

borrower defaults on a loan (non-recourse)

2. Forfeiture of only the shares pledged as collateral


3. Low, fixed interest rates

4. Fixed loan terms

5. Higher Loan to Values (LTV’s) of 50% to 80%

6. Easy to manage quarterly interest only payments

7. No Margin Calls

8. No credit or background checks required

By using our Stock Loan Program, clients can quickly and easily convert their investments in “equities” into cash without having to sell their shares and incurring potential capital gains taxes.Additionally, clients can take advantage of future appreciation of the asset when their loan matures while maintaining contractual ownership of the shares.

Under our Non-Recourse financing, should the borrower decide to stop making their interest payments or decide to forfeit the collateral due to asignificant loss of value in the share price, they are free to walk away from the loan with no further obligation to the lender. But, should a borrower decided to payoff their loanearly or at maturity, they can fully realize anyappreciate in those shares at that time.

This opportunity is also open to clients who hold non-ADR shares of foreign corporations listed and traded on select foreign stock exchanges in additionto the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ or OTC Bulletin Board exchanges. So, if you have interest in finding ways to helpprotect your clients from potential market crashes or another “Black Monday” please contact my team to discuss how a Stock Loan Program can benefit your clients.