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Post date: Apr 17, 2013 11:8:35 PM

Dear Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals: has been servicing the private money lending needs for California property owners since 1991. During that time we have always specialized in private money lending.

As our name suggests we are Bankers & Brokers. We fund our own loans as bankers and we also have channels to broker them if in your interest.  When you call us or email regardless of what day or time it is, we get back to you promptly, we will give you a commitment as to what we can do for you and your client immediately.

Can other company’s offer you that?  Are you able to call or email your loan package at any time and know you can get a response back with terms immediately or within a few hours?

If we can’t do your loan we’ll tell you right away and tell you why.  In many cases we can tell you how to restructure it to make it work.  How many companies can do that? Because we fund most of our loans with our own money we can price your deal on the spot.

How many of you have had a deal change at the last minute?  How many of you have priced a deal different than you thought due to complicated rate sheets?  How many of you saw an ad or email for incredibly low rates and fees to only find out virtually no one ever qualifies for that program?

Well at BANKERBROKER.COM, you will get incredibly competitive rates and low fees.  We’ll give you flexible terms.  Most importantly we’ll give you and your borrower’s assurance that we’ll deliver what we tell you and we’ll deliver it fast.

In today’s market where timing and reliability can make or break your deal.  Where your reputation can be dramatically affected in the positive by having a company like BANKERBROKER.COM make you look like a hero when we perform our “lending miracles”.  Why take a chance with the new kids on the block making promises that might or might not be able to keep.

With BANKERBROKER.COM you’ll get decisions quick from the decision maker not some committee or other layers of management. You’ll get reliability, great pricing and the peace of mind you’re working with a company with over 36 years’ experience in meeting brokers and borrowers private money lending needs with the highest levels of service and integrity.


Loan Guidelines

-Owner-Occupied Consumer Purpose loan now available!

Contact Massey Kouhssari for more information.

-California only

- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Trust Deed and Swing Loans

- No Verification, Tax Returns, W2’s

- No Qualifying - Bad Credit, Bankruptcy's, Foreclosures OK!

- Loans from $30,000 to $2,000,000.00

- Funding in Usually 7 to 10 days

- 2 Hour Loan Approval with Loan Application

- Terms: From 6 Months to 15 Years

- Pre-pay Penalties: 0-12 Months

- Terms:  3-5 years on most loans and we’ll go up to 20 years

- Loan Rates:  7.75-11.99% APR on most loans

- Fees:  2-4 points on most loans  (We can offer 0 point loans also!!)


Loan To Value


- Need a new loan to purchase property?

- Need to refinance an existing loan?

- Does your project require rehab money?

- Bank may have turned you down but we are here to help!

- Jump on your project and complete it!

- Owner & Non-Owner

- Loans to: Individual, Trusts, Corps, Joint Ventures, LLC's

- California Only

- 48 hr approval in most cases

- Easy Terms -Quick Approval -Fast Funding



Contact us at 949-607-8808