Stated Income Home Loans, NO DOCUMENTATION Loans, NO DOC Home Loans - California Only

Post date: Apr 30, 2013 2:12:58 AM

Stated income loans are Home loans that do not require tax documentations, 4506 or the conventional income verifications. A stated income loan is perfect for self-employed and business owners who declared low income on their tax return. Our stated income BankerBrokers are experienced in the loan industry and known for quick loan approvals and funding.

At this time we only lend in California only... sorry no other states

Why Our Clients Apply for Stated Income Loans Instead of Other Loan Programs!

We have many loan programs that fall in the category of Stated income loans all requiring different guidelines depending on the loans scenario your BankerBroker will analyze your scenario and recommend which program fits your needs. Here are some of the program highlights:

Stated Income Home Loans: Business Purpose Non Owner Occupied 

Stated Income Home Loans: Asset Depletion income

Stated Income Loan Requirement

For a Stated Income Purchase or Refinance Loan:

12 to 24 months copies of personal bank statements verifying 60 days seasoned down payment

Fill out and send in 12 month Deposit Average form

Asset Statement (401K, Brokerage Accounts, Mutual Funds, Stocks, etc) if applicable

CPA Letter (CPA Sample letter)

Click here for cheat cheat on income guide for stated income documentation loans & mortgages

Signed loan application or click the apply now - Top right button in menu bar - and complete our secure online application

Mortgage Statement or Coupons/rental agreements (if Applicable)

HOA Documents

Home Owner Insurance provider info & dec. page 

Sign: Borrower's  authorization

Driver's License and Social Security Card 

$25 Credit Card payment for each borrower on the loan payable at  this link:         

Borrowers who cannot prove consistent income, or show a lot of income on their tax returns can now qualify for a stated loan and can borrow up to $2 million. Our Stated income loan agent will provide you a solution to qualify for a loan without the hassle of a long underwriting process and the headache and paperwork of income verification. For business owners or self-employed borrowers working with cash, stated income loans lenders make it much easier to qualify for a loan. All it takes is a good down payment to qualify for the home of your dreams.

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