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Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure Statement 

This is to give you notice that BankerBroker.com has a business relationship with Experian Mortgage Finance Corporation (EMFC), and Consumer Rate Watch (CRW). The nature of the relationship (and percentage of ownership interest is EMFC, 100% owned by BankerBroker.com, CRW, 25% interest with BankerBroker.com. Because of this relationship, this referral may provide BankerBroker.com a financial or other benefit. 

A. Set forth below is the estimated charge or range of charges for the settlement services listed. You are NOT required to use the listed provider(s) as a condition for [  ] settlement of your loan on [or] [X] purchase, sale, or refinance of the subject property. THERE ARE FREQUENTLY OTHER SETTLEMENT SERVICE PROVIDERS AVAILABLE WITH SIMILAR SERVICES. YOU ARE FREE TO SHOP AROUND TO DETERMINE THAT YOU ARE RECEIVING THE BEST SERVICES AND THE BEST RATE FOR THESE SERVICES.   


  Provider and Settlement Service

  Escrow - ((EMFC)) - Refinances and 2nds

  Escrow - ((EMFC)) - Purchases up to 3 Million Sales Price

Charge or Range of Charges

$195.00 to $495.00

$500.00 to $3000.00

B. Set forth below is an estimated charge or range of charges for the settlement services for an attorney, credit reporting agency or an appraiser that we, as your lender require you to use, as a condition of your loan on this property, to represent our interest in this transaction.

  Provider and Settlement Service

  Escrow - ((EMFC)) - Credit report fee

  Escrow - ((EMFC)) - GMB Appraisal Fee

Charge or Range of Charges


$300 to $500.00


 I/We have read this disclosure and understand that BankerBroker.com is referring me/us to purchase the above described settlement service(s) and may receive a financial or other benefit as the result of this referral. 

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