Just Because we care...

Post date: Jan 24, 2011 3:31:31 PM

by Bankerbroker.com

Just because we care

just because you are there

Just because you mean a lot to us

Just because- Let`s Have Dinner and You Don`t Have to Fuss

and Because you are alone, at least 31 and a few 

come to our dinner and friendship renew

You should maybe come on 15 of January

That is the date, it will not vary

the BankerBroker building is the place

where we can sit and break bread, right after the prayer has been said

what time you ask, what time indeed

5:30 is the time you need

a program, You say, Would be fine

It will be arranged by Massey K., so be on time

We Want to know that you are coming

So keep those phone lines a humming

Call one of the 2 listed below

Hurry Now, Don`t be slow

Place your call by January 6th

Otherwise, We wont know how much dinner to fix

Do you need a ride?? We can handle that too

Just tell us when you call one of these two:

Massey K 909-489-3582

Tom Green 949-607-8808