Branch FAQ


Q.  How long has been in business?

A. has been originating and closing loans for over 10 years.

Q.  Other than the $1495.00 paid to are there any other hidden fees?

A.  No.  The $1495.00 covers ALL the costs of Processing, Closing and Quality Control. 

Q.  So if the total loan fees were $5000.00 after takes out the $1495.00 fee I would receive $3505.00? 

A.  Yes. - Less Payroll Fees and Taxes

Q.  When do I receive my Commission?

A.  Unlike other net branch operations, where Loan Officers can wait for weeks or months to get paid, pays you as soon as the funds clear.

Q. Do I have to process the loans I originate?

A.  No. handles ALL the processing.  All you need to do is submit a complete file with all the supporting documentation. At we want you to do what you do best, ORIGINATE LOANS...  WE will do the rest.

Q.  How long does it take to close a loan?

A.  That depends on YOU, the Loan Officer.  If you submit a complete file to us the process goes very fast.  If we need to chase after support documents from you it will take longer.

Q.  Will you sign up NEW Lenders?

A.  Yes.  If you know of a Lender we are not currently approved with that has a product we don't offer we will sign up with them.

Q.  What are the minimum production requirements?

A.  You can choose to close as many or as few loans as you like. does not have minimum production requirements.

Q.  Does process my loan? Run DU or LP? Have a Quality Control?

A.  Yes, Yes and Yes! has a team of highly experienced processors to help expedite your loan through to the closing table.

Q.  Will provide me with processing software?

A.  Yes. can supply you with the most recent version of Encompass or Calyx Point.