Lowest mortgage rates in the U.S

Post date: Feb 20, 2014 7:33:3 PM 

O/O Non Prime Lending Without the Hassle.

All Broker/Lender fee's can be financed into the loan on Refinances, Owner and Non Owner Occupied.


No Borrower loan Counseling needed.


Rates as low as 3.95% APR

Bank Statement Program For Self Employed & 1099 Borrowers

Personal statements qualify with 100% of deposits - ignore the withdrawals. 

Business statements qualify with 50% of deposits - ignore the withdrawals.

  600 credit score for O/O - 500 credit score for N/O - 50% DTI


Short Sale / Foreclosure / BK Programs

1 day out of Short Sale 75% - 1 yr. out 80%

Foreclosure / BK settled OK!


2:1 Buy down & Buy up Available

No Pre-Pay Penalties


 Additional Programming

$1mil Loan amounts available

 Cash out O/O - 500 FICO - $750k

 Purchase or Refi O/O 500 FICO

 Gift Funds For Purchase Money


Additional Programs Notes:

Charge up to 5% Origination!

No PrePay Penalties Period! 

30yr amortization, no balloons. 

Make sense manual underwriting.

50% DTI!

No reserves needed.

Use your existing appraisal up to 120 days.