WE SELL HOMES FOR 1%!! Selling Homes in Southern California

Post date: Jan 03, 2014 3:50:18 PM


 We Handle Everything For You!! 

MLS, Realtor.com Showcasing of your Home (the #1 Site in the World)

Virtual Tour, Global Exposure, 25 Professional Photos, Plus A Free 1 YearHome Warranty is Included that is Good for the Life of your Listing;


Warranty then Transfers to Your Buyer For 1 Year at Closing;


We Create Incentives while Giving Your Buyer Some Peace of Mind!

And Only Qualified Buyers Come to Your Door. 

We Deal Directly With Many Lending Institutions to Make Sure You are Getting the Best Opportunities. 

We are Very Strategic and Focused on Selling. 

#1 in Taking over the,"Home For Sale By Owner," Market! 

Selling Your Home Is As Important to Us, as it is to You.


Over 2,600 Homes Sold/ listed Since 1991


All Paperwork is Handled By Massey Kouhssari, Broker/ Owner

 With Over 23 Years of Experience.


"I Have the Negotiation Skills You Want Working for You".

 Massey Kouhssari 




If you are in the Process of Selling your Home, Look No Further. We are the Future in Real Estate.  A Full Service Real Estate Company Selling for 1%Commission.  If everyone knew about our programs, they would not go with a Traditional Real Estate company.  Our Programs are designed to benefit the Seller.  It is your investment!  Why would you pay 7% without Exploring other Possibilities? 90% of the people we meet go with our programs because we made it Completely focused on the Sellers Benefit!   


The more you know, the more you'll save.  Selling your home is as important to us as it is to you!  We Specialize in Listing/ Selling homes with the best Advertisement, Rates and Exposure out there today.  You don't have to Worry any longer...We Sell For 1% and We are a Full Service Company!  We Handle everything for you.  Don't worry about Paperwork... Again, We Handle Everything!    


We Stand behind our Services because they are Proven!  Sold/ Listed 2600 Homes since 1991.  Some of our homes generate 100,000+ views a month! Selling Homes is something we do Well and with Pride.  Our goal is to create Incentives for buyers to really consider your home when searching.  We look at all Potential Buyers Demographics, Lifestyle, Wants and Needs and put your Home in the Best possible Marketing pool there is.  Why go anywhere else and Pay 7% in commissions?  We Do it all while Giving You Flexibility While Selling Your Home!  No matter your Situation.....We can Help and Would Be Honored to have you On Board. 

Contact your BankerBroker Massey Kouhssari & Schedule your Free (in- home) Consultation.  #1 in Sales and Listings in California

*1% MLS Listing Fee

*Discount Real Estate Agent Fees

*Full Property Marketing Program

*Property Website 

*Virtual Tours / Slideshows

*Full Color Brochures

*Broker Previews 

*Open Houses

*All Real Estate Negotiations

*All Real Estate Paperwork

*Staging Advice

*Free Home Warrantyon the Buyer 500k+ listings



Exposure sells your home & that is what we do. We create internet buzz & drive buyer traffic to your property giving it the most possible exposure. The more exposure, the more likely you are to get top dollar for your property & sell your home faster!!

Call Massey Kouhssari to go over his marketing plan and how he can give you full service while saving you thousands in commission!!