$15,000 Free Grant Money For First Time Home Buyers as Down Payment Assistance is Now Available

Post date: Dec 09, 2013 7:45:23 PM

We now have $15,000 Free Money available for first time home buyers as Down Payment Assistance! Please call or email Massey at BankerBroker.com to recieve the guidelines & requirements before this grant money runs out!

The recipient must be a first time home buyer defined as having no property ownership for the most recent three years. The $15,000 assistance must be used to purchase a primary residence. Some added restrictions apply, please contact me immediately for a complete list of requirements!

Who do you know that would like to buy a home and receive $15,000 at settlement for down payment assistance? How much will they love you when they receive $15,000 for FREE?

Learn The Latest Lending Guidelines That Will Allow You To Get Hundreds of Traditional Listings! Become The Only Agent In Your Market With This Knowledge!

- Short Sale Your Home and Get Financing Approved to Buy Again The Next Day

- 97% Financing for Condos with NO HUD Approval Required

- 80% Financing for Condos with Open Litigation, Too Many Renters and Non-Warrantable

- Stated Income Mortgages - No Tax Returns Required to 80% LTV

- Foreign Nationals with No Social Security Number Can Get Financing

- Plus Much More!!

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