Private HardMoney

Get creative financial solutions with, experienced private hard money lenders. Take advantage of hard money loans and REO properties for sale.

Loan Programs

  • First or Second position
  • 3,6,9 or 12 month terms
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Minimum interest depending on the length of the loan
  • Fixed rates from 12.99% to 13.99%
  • Option to extend for 90 days
  • Fund control fee waived if no major construction work
  • Reduced lender fee for seasoned investors 

  • Purchase or cash out refinance
  • up to 55% LTV
  • Leased or owner occupied
  • 1,2 or 3 year terms
  • Rates from 12.99% to 13.99% BELOC (Business Equity Lines of Credit)
  • One year draw period
  • Two year repayment period
  • Maximum 80% of loan amount on 1st draw
  • Balance of loan amount available after 30 days
  • Up to 55% LTV
  • Rates from 12.99% to 13.99%
  • No prepayment penalty, cancellation fee in the 1st year

California Lender Loans from $50K to $2M. For loans over $2 million, call for pricing.

Rates subject to change without notice.

Pacifica First National Broker Loan Submission Guidelines

We want to underwrite the loan quickly in order to do so please follow our easy process.

To insure that the underwriting department can give your customer's loan the most professional review in the shortest amount of time, we request that you complete the steps outlined below.

1. Submit a submission form with the following:  
  • Complete 1003 
  • Recent credit report
  • Schedule of real estate
  • Executive summary 
  • Appraisal or comps with pictures. If you do not already have an appraisal, please do not order the appraisal as we only accept appraisals from our approved appraiser list

2. Send to us via fax or e-mail
3. We will forward you a letter of interest and a MLD with terms and conditions. If there are any issues, please don't hesitate to call us
4. After receipt of the signed LOI and MLDS the loan will be presented to loan committee  for a loan decision. 
5. If approved a loan approval with terms and conditions will be issued 
6. Upon satisfying the conditions we will forward you a document order form for your signature
7. Loan documents will be e-mailed to escrow to be signed by the borrower or we can arrange for a PFN approved notary

The following financial considerations apply to all loan applications:

  • The borrower or borrowing entity must be able to pay the loan
  • Borrower must have some of their own financial investment in the property or equivalent
  • Title must be insurable
  • We do not lend in rural areas or outside of California