First Time Home Buyer

First time home buyer programs

HUD the Housing Urban Development agency has defined, first time home buyers are individual(s) who have not had an ownership interest in a home within the last three years. If you fit this definition, you have over come the biggest obstacle to getting your home purchasing assistance. That's right, money set aside to help first time buyers just like you, purchase a new or existing home. Even bad credit typically won't stop you from qualifying for assistance when funds are available from private investors, city, state and even federal funds. We will help you qualify for a low interest rate FHA loan, significantly increasing your chances of getting the same exceptions from the grant agency!

As first time home buyer Loan Specialist, at we recognize the sacrifices you make in an effort to save enough money to not only make a down payment on a home, but meet the total amount necessary to actually close on your desired home loan. 

We will help you with:

  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Those Needing Government Grants
  • Home Buyer Help Resources
  • Charity Organization Resources
  • Home Buyer Education

Unfortunately, many eligible future home buyers simply have no idea where to turn to get real home buyer grant money that helps meet down payment assistance requirements and in many instances, money that helps with all the costs to close on that mortgage loan. The very programs designed to be used with your first home purchase.

Where can Grants and Charity organization work to help you as a home buyer?

Loan Program
FHA Home Loans
VA Home Loans
Fixed Rate Mortgages
Sub-Prime (Bad Credit)
3/1 Arm Program
5/1 Arm Program
7/1 Arm Program
10/1 Arm Program
Balloon Loan

*Your success will very much depend upon your Lender, Broker, Banker and you DO NOT always need to be a first time home buyer to use a Charity.

In an effort to help thousands of home buyers purchase there first home without all the misleading hype,.we have created a unique comprehensive system to find you the best suited grant and charity or any down payment assistant help available. Call us today and lets discuss the opportunities available in your area for your scenario.