15 Year Mortgage

The BankerBroker.com® is Our 15-Year Fixed Mortgage

With a 15-year fixed mortgage, you’ll get great rates and a secure fixed payment. Lower rates and a shorter term means you’ll pay less interest through the life of your loan. That makes the 15-year fixed a popular choice for the financially savvy.

  • Do you want to pay less interest over the course of your loan?
  • Do you want the security of a consistent rate and payment?
  • Do you want to pay off your mortgage as fast as possible?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, a 15-year fixed loan might be right for you!

15-year Fixed Mortgage Features

  • 30, 20, 15 and 10-year terms are all available with fixed rates
  • Refinance up to 95% of your primary home’s value
  • Buy a home with as little as 5% down (primary home)

How a 15-year Fixed Rate Mortgage Works

  • Monthly payments based on interest rate, principal loan amount, and amortized interest over 15 years
  • Your payment will not change throughout the life of the loan
  • Your actual payment will vary based on your situation and the current interest rates when you apply
  • Pay your mortgage at any time without pre-payment penalties

15-year Fixed Rate Mortgage Extras

  • Ask us about Smart PMI – Pay part of your mortgage insurance up front to lower your monthly payment.

Example: $200,000 loan amount, paying 1.125 points, with 30% equity on today’s rate

Over the life of your loan, 
a 15-year could save you:


30-year fixed

4.25% (4.46 APR)

= $984 per month

15-year fixed

3.75% (4.003 APR)

= $1,454 per month