Dos & Do nots of Commercial Loan

Do's and Don'ts of Commercial Borrowing
"How to get a Commercial Loan done"


  1. Provide complete and accurate information. Include tax returns, operating statements and rent rolls, both current and historic.
  2. If you are asked to complete a commercial loan form, be sure to fill every applicable blank space.
  3. Provide a concise but complete "story" or business plan in the form of a "Commercial Loan Request." Big packages go to the bottom.
  4. Don't hide any problems. Tell me where "the hair" is.
  5. Give strengths vs. weaknesses with mitigating factors.
  6. Provide pro-formas and budgets.
  7. Provide biographical information including activities with similar commercial properties, if possible. Similar, successful experience is a big plus.
  8. Address capitalization, sponsorship and liquidity. Where is the money coming from to make the down payment, what reserves will be provided, what are sources of cash flow if there is a chance the property will not cover the debt service adequately? Are outside lines of credit available?
  9. Tell me about the market for your commercial property.
The bottom line: You have only one person to convince, namely me, Massey Kouhssari. I'm a loan committee of one. I'm quick and I'm fair. If your bank or other institution is not getting the job done, give me a chance and I think you'll be pleased with the outcome. My rates are very competitive with other private money lenders. In a nutshell, what I want to know is where is the money coming from to make the monthly payments and how will the commercial loan eventually be repaid.

I hope this helps. I look forward to working with you in adding value to your commercial real estate transaction.