3rd Party

For Builders:
Currently, we are helping builders originate, process and fund loans for their borrowers. Job locations include all southern California and parts of the northern California Valley. 

We provide a response within 24 hours to most borrowers. We have experienced agents working at job sites to answer all the borrowers' questions.

If you are a builder and want hassle-free sales transactions, you can call 
(877) 410-6663

For Banks and S&Ls:
We have a near-perfect record in processing loans for banks. After BankerBroker receives loan applications from Banks & S&Ls, we process applications all the way to funding. Both companies have an excellent coordinator to take care of the loan conditions and customers' questions. If your bank does not have a loan processing team or you do have one but it is not cost-profit effective, we are willing to help you.

Actually, satisfying your customer's home loan needs is an effective way of keeping your customers and not losing them to a competitor.

For Brokers:
Currently, we do not accept any new brokers. However, we are willing to process and close your loans.

Even though we are a direct lender, you still have the freedom to select the lender that your loan will be funded by.Call 877-410-MONEY or 877-410-6663