Lower your Payment

Lowering Your Mortgage Payment Just got Easier Than Ever

  • Recent Fed action has caused mortgage rates to plummet! Refinance today to take advantage of a much lower rate and payment. If you wait, you might lose out.
  • President Obama’s Loan Modification Plan has opened the doors of refinancing for millions! Find out if you qualify for a lower payment through the Loan Modification or Refinance Plus programs. Ask us about this today.
  • Change the term of your loan – if you’re in a 15-year mortgage, refinancing to a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage could lower your payment significantly.

Most Popular Loans for Lowering Your Monthly Payment

  • FHA Loan

    Refinance out of a skyrocketing mortgage payment with the fixed-rate security of a government-insured FHA loan. Find out if you could refinance without an appraisal with our easy FHA Streamline tool.

  • 30-Year Fixed

    Looking for a more traditional loan option? Lock in today with a 30-year fixed.

  • Jumbo Loans

    Get a low payment on your big loan! A jumbo loan is any loan over $417,000.

  • Smart PMI

    You could lower or eliminate your expensive mortgage insurance payments with our Smart PMI or PMI Buster loan.

  • VA Loan

    Get a low rate and payment with the VA loan if you're a qualified veteran, military member, or spouse. Ask us if you are eligible for the great benefits of a VA loan!

Calculate Your Mortgage Payment – See How Much Lower It Could Be

  • Enter your current mortgage balance and monthly payment into our online mortgage payment calculator and we’ll show you your potential monthly payments with several different loan options.

Keep More Money in Your Hands

  • Today’s extremely low mortgage rates mean you could pay less toward your mortgage every month and keep more money in your pocket.
  • Use the extra money you save on your refinance to pay off high-interest debt, finance home improvements, or increase your retirement savings – whatever you want to do with it. It’s your money – enjoy it!

No Pre-Payment Penalties

  • BankerBroker.com allows you to refinance your loan or pay off your mortgage early with absolutely no pre-payment penalties.

Why Should You Choose Quicken Loans?

  • We’re the nation’s largest online lender according to National Mortgage News.
  • We have an A+ rating according to the Better Business Bureau.
  • And we’re ‘quick, easy, and worry free’ according to Cindy of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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