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Commercial Properties and Financing in 2011

posted Jan 12, 2011, 12:00 PM by Massey Kouhssari

What’s new?

  • Acquisitions from Owner Occupied applicants are BACK with huge benefits.
  • Doctors building medical centers are a great bet to make right now.
  • Rates for commercial properties are increasing (yes they are-ask why).
  • Commercial real estate is continuing to decrease in value. This is not the end of the world.
  • In other words, the ancient theory of yin and yang is still correct.

If you have access to commercial property owners, then please feel free to let the experts at Commercial Lending Capital help walk you through the steps required to package up your financing file.

  • We still answer the phone live from 7am to 4pm Monday through Friday.
  • Experienced Representatives will help package your loan file for underwriting submission.
  • SNAP is our proprietary boarding system that instantly analyses hundred of programs available today to find the best match for your Borrower. These programs are updated weekly and monitored closely by our team of experts. (see the story below)
  • Term Sheets are available within 48 hours based on full submissions.
  • Most make-sense property types and scenarios considered

Been turned down before or HAS YOUR NOTE BEEN CALLED DUE?
We heard a story about a Broker that had a self storage facility scenario listing. He shopped this financing request to at least 120 Lenders and finally found one to fund it. The NEXT week, the Lender no longer offered self storage.

A much more serious topic is the many property owners receiving notices from their Lenders to pay off their notes or risk foreclosure. This issue is very serious and may be indicative of the worst of the financial storm to come. There is help available and we do not charge anything for the services.

The marketplace is difficult. This is the importance of having a sophisticated system to manage today’s marketplace.

We have a national training conference coming up March 18, 2011. This is open to competitors, affiliates, Real Estate or Loan Brokers or anybody else that would care to attend. Our SNAP system will be shown on a limited basis to show you how the paper forms work. You can take our materials and use CLC or anybody that you would like after the training. The goal is to get everybody on the same page within an industry that is trying hard to recover in the midst of dismal news reports. Items such as:

  1. Basic commercial 101
  2. Mid-level commercial 101
  3. Deal submissions 101
  4. WHO has the money?
  5. What to expect?
  6. New regulations and rules regarding collecting fees, disclosures (we have not met one other Broker/Lender doing this correctly) and protecting your fee. This single item alone is worth the price (free) of attendance.
  7. Private, conventional, SBA, USDA, grants and more will be discussed. They each have their place but rarely share the same space.
  8. Why transactions under $500,000 are a lousy idea if you can avoid them. (We show you where to find the larger deals)
  9. Where to find listings and how to handle those listing once you find them (even the overpriced listings)

Commercial activity is still WIDE open if you know how to take advantage of it. Your goal is to book 1 (one) new loan per month and the rest will take care of itself. This training will help you with that process.

If you would like to attend, the class will be held in Ontario, California near the airport on March 18, 2011 from 8:30 to 4:30 with a 30 minute lunch. You can fly in for the day and leave late at night, or we have prearranged room rates (at your expense) for our guests with a 2 hours Q and A period the following morning for those interested. The course materials are free.

Note: Registration is simple. There is a $50.00 deposit due at registration (deadline) by credit card or by cashiers check. If you attend, it is refunded on the spot. If you miss the training, then we keep the $50.00 to pay for your seat cost. Ask your BDM or Transaction Coordinator (they answer the phones) to put you on our wait list and we will mail you the registration package by January 31, 2011. Registrations will be rejected after February 15, 2011 as the demand for this training has been extreme.

Making a massive change for 2011 to profitability will require MASSIVE change on your part. Information is the key to change.

Remember our submission process is simple. Give me a call to discuss your transaction.

Thanks again,

Massey Kouhssari

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