Rental Application

Rental Application

Bella Vista Property Management


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Before you begin:

All applicants must read the SCREENING CRITERIA AND FEE DISCLOSURE page before proceeding with this application.

STOP!!! Please be sure to READ the SCREENING CRITERIA and FEE DISCLOSURES at the link below:


We do business in accordance with Federal and California fair housing laws.


• We process our applications on a first come, first serve basis
• You must complete all fields on the application, attach all required documents and pay the application fee to be considered
• Each person over the age of 18 (adult) must submit a separate rental application
• A non-refundable $45.00 application fee per adult applicant will be charged


1. Copy of Driver's License or Government Issued ID
2. Photo's of all Pets
3. Personal bank statements for previous 2 months (must include ALL pages)
4. One of the following for Proof of Income:

a. If employed, copy of last 2 paycheck stubs containing year-to-date information
b. If just starting a job, a copy of your employment agreement or offer
c. If self-employed, a copy of prior two years tax returns and business bank statements for the previous 3 months (each document must include ALL pages).
d. If full-time student, a parent or legal guardian must complete online application as a guarantor.
e. If retired, copy of award letter from social security and/or copy of last 2 checks


1. INCOME VERIFICATION: Income must be verifiable through the documents you attach. We will contact your employer to verify your employment. You must provide your employer's contact information along with direct telephone number. It is best if you notify your employer that we will be contacting them so they can respond promptly.

2. RENTAL VERIFICATION: Your rental history will be verified through contact with your landlord(s). You must provide contact information including direct telephone number for your Landlords along with the dates of your tenancy for the previous 3 years. Rental history must be free of evictions, judgments, and unpaid rents. Mortgage payment history will be considered if you owned a home.

3. CREDIT VERIFICATION: We will obtain a report from a credit-reporting agency. Credit requirements are:

› Late payments of no more than 30 to 60 days will be accepted
› We will deny approval if bankruptcy or foreclosure has been filed within past 72 months
› Five or more unpaid collections (not related to medical expenses) will result in denial of the application


› Circumstances related to criminal convictions are evaluated on an individual basis
› Criminal backgrounds involving violent crimes, prostitution, domestic violence, the illegal possession of weapons, or the sale or manufacturing of illegal substances could be grounds for denial. Please provide as much detail as possible concerning such offenses.


› Please check the rental listing to see if pets are accepted
› A Pet Deposit is required for each animal
› A Pet Administration and Acceptance fee is required for each animal
› You are required to submit photos of each pet with your application
› Pet policies are strictly enforced. Any breach may be grounds for termination at the tenant's expense.
› Special consideration is given to Service Animals and medical documentation is required
› Certain breeds of dogs are not permitted by insurance companies. Please check the following link to see if your Pet is listed. If your Pet is on this list, you may be denied or be required to purchase additional insurance.


The Security Deposit Payment is required to be paid in full within 24 hours
of the lease being executed. The landlord or its agents reserve the right
to terminate the lease if the security deposit payment is not received
within 24 hours.