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Commercial Real Estate Loans for Gas Stations

posted Sep 21, 2014, 4:38 PM by Massey Kouhssari   [ updated Sep 21, 2014, 4:39 PM ]
BankerBroker Gas Station Commercial Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans for Gas Stations

BankerBroker provides gas station commercial loans for gas station, service station, gas and c-store and other similar property types located in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Gas station commercial property loans are available for the acquisition or refinancing of above average condition properties.


In recent years, gas station financing has become more and more difficult due to a dynamic and ever changing industry, environmental concerns, strict supplier agreements and other external factors negatively impacting the industry.


BankerBroker understands these challenges and has created special purpose gas station financing to meet the individual needs and requirements of its clients.


Gas Station Financing - Eligible Property Types -


Properties eligible for BankerBroker's gas station commercial real estate loan program should be of above average condition, environmentally compliant and located in medium and above market sectors.


  • Loans Must be Secured by Real Estate
  • Brand or Non-Brand
  • Gas With C-Store
  • Owner-Occupied or Investor Properties
  • Convenience With Limited Food Service OK
  • Established Businesses Only - No Start Ups -


Gas Station Commercial Loans - Program Highlights -


  • Minimum Gas Station Commercial Mortgage Loan Size is $500,000
  • Loan Collateralized by Commercial Real Estate - No Business Only Financing
  • Acquisition or Refinance of Stabilized 
    Gas Station Properties
  • Minimum 660 Credit Score
  • 3, 5, 7, 10 Year Fixed Rates
  • 15, 20, 25, & 30 Year Amortizations
  • Flexible Prepay Options
  • 75% LTV - Subordinate Debt OK
  • 3 Years of Historical Income Req.
  • Low Minimum 1.40 DSCR


Initial Gas Station Loan Documentation Requirements


To consider a request for financing, BankerBroker requires the following documentation:


  • 3 Years Business Tax Returns
  • 3 Years Borrowers Tax Returns
  • Business Interim Financial Statements
  • AR/AP Schedule
  • Schedule of Inventory
  • FF&E Breakdown
  • Franchise Agreement if Applicable
  • Supplier Agreement
  • Phase l / Phase ll Report


To learn more about BankerBroker's gas station financing contact a commercial mortgage professional today at 1-949-244-1880


For borrower seeking 80% gas station financing, BankerBroker offers borrowers an SBA loan option. Contact a gas station commercial mortgage professional for more information.