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Short Sale specialist offers Guaranteed CASH at close! San Bernardino County, Riverside, Orange County & Los Angeles County

posted Jul 30, 2013, 9:12 PM by Massey Kouhssari

See if You Qualify for a Short Sale 

Is your Orange home upside down? (Is your Orange home worth less than what you may owe on it.) 

Do you have a hardship? (Things have happened where you find yourself struggling to make your mortgage payment or can't make it at all

Divorce? Postpone a trustee sale?

Do you want to save your credit from a bankruptcy and/or foreclosure? 
(Bankruptcy and/or foreclosure will damage your credit for 7 - 10 years) 

Have you missed any mortgage payments? 

Do you need to relocate? Have you been denied for a loan modification? 

You may qualify for up to 30k in relocation assistance. If you do not qualify for any cash assistance we will pay you $2000 upon close of escrow.

Ask for details

Short sale services are free to the short sale sellers !!!! Call to see if you qualify!!! 

99% successful rate and over 1000 short sales closed