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Jumbo Mortgages

posted Dec 14, 2010, 11:27 AM by Massey Kouhssari   [ updated Dec 14, 2010, 11:31 AM ]
Jumbo Mortgages
We do Jumbo Loans. Whether you're Refinancing or Buying  a new home we have a Jumbo Loan that's right for you. Can't prove your income? We offer Stated Income - No Income Documentation Jumbo Loans. Adjustable Rates 1% and up to 40 Year Fixed Interest Only as well.  We also offer Jumbo Loans for those with Bruised Credit. Programs for the Wage earner and/or Self Employed No Income Documentation.
Also known as Stated Income Loans. We specialize in the No Doc stated income loan. Perfect for Self Employed & Employed Wage Earner borrowers that can't qualify with Tax Returns.  Must prove Self Employment at least 2 years and must have Liquid Assets.  (Bank Accounts, Stocks, Bonds, IRA 401K etc.). 

No Doc Mortgage• Max Loan $2 Million
No Doc Mortgage• No Max Cash Out  (To appropriate LTV w 12 Mos. Seasoning)
No Doc Mortgage• 1st Mortgages 660 Minimum Credit Score
No Doc Mortgage• Primary Residence, Second Homes & Rental Properties
• Up to 10 Properties Total.
• All Property Types
• Self Employed or W-2 Stated Income.
No Income Documentation• 3-6 Mos. Reserves to $417k (Subject to FICO & Assets)
• 6-12 Mos. Reserves to $2 Million  (Subject to FICO & Assets)
No Doc stated income refinance• Max Loan to Value $250k - $729k  80% - 20% Down
No Doc Mortgage• Purchase or Refinance

Here are some samples of our jumbo loan programs and 
No Doc Jumbo Loans for Purchase & Refinance

  • Interest Only No Doc Loans - combines an "interest only loan" with a no doc loan to keep payments down.  Interest only option is typically 10 years.

  • Jumbo and Super Jumbo No Doc Loans - "real" no doc loans available at high loan amounts and high loan to values.  Interest only available also.

  • No Doc Jumbo Loans - 20% Down Real No Doc Loans. First time home buyers require strong credit and verifiable rental history, no verification of down payment or cash for closing costs.

  • No Doc Cash-Out Refinance Jumbo Loans - no limit on amount of cash out on some Jumbo Loan programs.

  • Mortgage Jumbo Loans Using Current Appraised Value (No "Seasoning") - ideal for accessing equity in your home if you have owned it for less than 12 months and it is worth a lot more than you owe.

  • No Ratio Jumbo Loans - no income is disclosed, but verification of assets and employment is required.

  • Stated Income Loans - ideal for the self-employed or 100%straight commissioned and can also be for those with a salary who do not want to verify income or can't qualify for that larger home. Try our No Doc Jumbo Loan program.

  • Stated Income Stated Asset Jumbo Loans - also an ideal mortgage for the self-employed, commissioned or salaried borrower, but does not require income or asset verification.